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Work with Him Foundation

If you have that spark in you to help come and join us

Working with us would be fun, learning and a life changing experience.

Come and join us in this pious mission "To Help" others. Do not think twice. Every bit of help or support you give to others, it brings manifold joy to you. If you want to have that experience come and join us. The members who are working with us have felt that joy and blessing. So are you ready to work with us and contribute to this helping process. Feel free to discuss with us. We would appreciate your support and help.



Let Us Contribute To Brighten Up A Hopeful Life

Him foundation has been constantly finding ways to uplift the lives of underprivileged children in some way or the other. Taking another stride in this direction, we have come up with an initiative under which we are offering basic necessities such as pens, notebooks, drawing books and other forms of stationery to the needy students so as to ensure that their journey towards their dreams remain uninterrupted. We are also complementing these donations with masks and sanitizers which are the need of the hour in times of the corona outbreak. With the aim to extend the reach of the initiative to the needy masses so that they can benefit from it, we urge workers and professionals from all walks of life (corporates, firms, govt. servants, etc) to become a part of this initiative. This can be done by means ranging from, donating basic stationeries to our collecting centers or making small online monetary contributions complimenting our limited resources, to spreading a word among your colleagues. This will surely make a difference in someone's life and in turn will give us the pride of being a difference. Contact us for joining the noble initiative.
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'My first school'  (मेरा पहला विद्यालय अभियान)

'My first school' is an initiative of 'Him Foundation' which can be implemented by people from different walks of life who wants to contribute to the place where we learned basics of education and life i.e. our first school. Purpose is to strengthen the roots of the tree so that it can bear fruits for the upcoming generation. It is understandable that a single person can't contribute everything but everyone of us can contribute something. Contribution can range from providing books to the unpriveleged/needy students to sponsoring a needy child's education. People can even provide lectures/guest lectures to students or can contribute in providing with adequate infrastructure (libraries,grounds,etc). Likewise each one of us can come up with any idea which helps in building up a physically, mentally and socially sound environment for kids in schools.

"Education is the most powerful weopon which can be used to change the world.

We need to make sure that we play our parts and use this weopon rightly".


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